Al Portillo was a renowned meditation instructor at the Psychic Horizons School in San Francisco for 8 years. He has had his own practice as a teacher and professional for 35 years.

In an effort to reach out to a broader community and help more people, Al has joined Meditation Gardens. We are truly fortunate to have Al as part of our community. He brings extensive experience in various business fields, including international trade and commerce, and business consultancy. These experiences are enriched by the spiritual nature and calm approach to conflict resolution that he possesses. We could say many profound things about him; however, we will let this reference letter that we received about Al serve as a testimony to his character:


“Al’s many activities, both at work and outside of it, not only make him a very interesting person to me, but the way he shares and welcomes me into his world makes me feel close to him. His enthusiasm and childlike wonder for the beauty and mystery of things encourage me to expand my experience and discover what is possible beyond my current beliefs. For example, Al has a strong interest in psychic abilities and healing. We have had many discussions about the existence, practicality, and nature of such abilities in himself and others. He invited me to attend a class at a school where he was a teacher and recommended a powerful book, with which I have already begun to expand my current belief systems. It is important to add that, for me, the highlight of Al is not what he knows or does, but the love and care with which he treats others. I have met many people of great skill and spirit who seemed intriguing, but are mainly focused on increasing their power and gaining recognition. In contrast, I see Al as a person who shows up with humble confidence. He welcomes and shares with those who wish to listen and engage. However, he long ago left the ranks of those who need to seek an identity in others. Although Al is extremely intelligent both in theory and practice, I don’t think he sees himself as someone special. I believe he sees himself as important, valuable, and worthy of respect, but no more than any other human being. I think he loves people and cares deeply about their well-being. I see him as a being who will help those he has the power to help. However, he has the courage and strength to recognize the limitations of his powers, even when that means enduring great personal pain.” – Tom

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